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The Father Ray Foundation provides a home, an education, nutritious meals, medical assistance and the opportunity for our children and students to reach their full potential and become independent and decent members of society.

All services are provided free of charge to those in our care and done by the generosity of our supporters and sponsors

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On June 22nd, 2016

Father Ray Foundation The International Day of Yoga is celebrated on the 21st June, the longest day of the year, and this year, 2016, more than two hundred and fifty […]

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On June 19th, 2016

Father Ray Foundation The Foundation was recently invited to take part in the annual Isaan Festival, in particular the cooking competition where prizes were to be awarded for the best […]

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On June 16th, 2016

Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities On any chosen Thursday in June, students in schools, colleges and universities throughout the Kingdom take part in the Wai Khru ceremony. This the […]

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On June 5th, 2016

Father Ray Foundation Anyone who spends any amount of time here in Thailand will soon realise that Thais are obsessed with football, or soccer to our American friends Pattaya is […]

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We never turn a needy child away