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I would not be able to explain everything that happened to me while volunteering at the Father Ray Foundation in just a few lines, but what really fascinated me is the fact that I was meant to go there and give everything I could to help people that due to different circumstances could not have as comfortable life as the one I was born with, and it turned out that I took and learned much more than I gave.

Marc – Spain @ FRF

Being there has been the best experience of life.

First, I was only supposed to stay at the Foundation for 5 months, but once I started, not only teaching, bt sharing the everyday life with my students, I became part of a really big family which persuaded me to stay one more term

It is impossible to ever feel depressed there. Every single student was cheering my day up with their ramdon chats and with their contagious smile.

What really made my week was visiting the Father Ray Drop-In Center and spend my time with the kid there. They have been through a lot in their short lives, more than we can imagine, but instead of being angry or sad they are just so happy.

Marc – Spain @ FRF

I used to get upset about silly things, but they have taught me a lesson, the staff that run the Center are always giving their best.

I hope I have the chance in the future to visit all my new friends that have given me this wonderful time in Thailand.

If you are taking some sabbatical months and really ant to contribute and dedicate your time to help others, then consider going to the Father Ray Foundation

Marc – Spain @ FRF

Marc – Spain

Volunteer 2012 – 2013

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