I’ve always had a dream to take care of some poor child somewhere in the world, and I got my dream fulfilled in Thailand at Father Ray Foundation. In April 2015 I arrived to Pattaya, where I was working as a volunteer for 3 months at the Father Ray Day Care Center. I enjoyed every second I’ve been away.

It was an indescribable feeling to arrive at the Day Care Center each morning where 5-6 young kids come running into my arms. I felt so valuable every day. These kids are so grateful and happy for so little, and every time I made the children to laugh and smile, that made my work even more meaningful.

I was facing many exciting challenges through my volunteer work, which has developed me on a personal level, and many things where put in perspective in relation to my own life and the culture I come from. You live in a kind of bubble where the kids are 100 percent your focus, and the rest of the surrounding/world problems is indifferent.




I think it was fascinating to be part of the different projects, each and every one has made an impression on me. You give so little that means so much.

I came to give these kids and students some love and security, and that I had the opportunity to do every day. I like to work with all types of people, and therefore it was fascinating to work with blind autistic children, disabled students, street children, poor children and so on.

I got insight to another culture that came underneath my skin . I am very grateful and happy to have had this experience in my backpack, and hope to come back one day.


Susse from Denmark


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