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Thirty two wheelchair users started the Pattaya Marathon Wheelchair Race – one crossed the finish line first, but they’re all winners

Early Sunday morning and a delivery of 500 chickens arrived at the Children’s Home. These chickens will now be expected to lay eggs, which will hopefully save us a lot of money and we will be 100% self sufficient in these wonderful ovoids of protein. The boys will be responsible for taking care of the […]

The Father Ray School for Children with Special Needs held the final Wai Khru ceremony of the year, and as expected it was a very loud two hours. Wai Khru Day is the day when students pay respects to their teachers, and also to the staff who work at the school. The days running up […]

The School for the Blind this morning held the annual Wai Khru Ceremony, also known as Teachers Day. It is the day when the students pay their respects and show gratitude for what their teachers do for them. A representative from each class presented Principal Chid with a beautifully decorated floral gift, then another student presented their […]

We never turn a needy child away