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Father Ray Children’s Home To celebrate Mother’s Day this year several of the children’s mothers came to spend the day at the Home. There was a ceremony early evening when the children paid respect to their own mothers by washing their feet, this is the most respectful way of showing your mother you respect and love […]

Mothers Day falls on the 12th of August each year, which is also the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Mother of the Nation. As the holiday fell on a Saturday this year the students at the vocational school and the School for the Blind paid their respect to her Majesty on the day […]

Father Ray Foundation At six o’clock this morning nine Buddhist monks from a nearby temple arrived to receive alms from our children, students and workers. It is a Buddhist belief that by providing food for the monks to eat you are making merit for a deceased person, Father Ray, who passed aw ay fourteen years […]

Father Ray Foundation The two monthly birthday party took place last Friday evening, and once again it was great fun and louder than the last party. I think the day will some when the neighbours start to complain about the noise, and our nearest neighbour is a mile away. But it was great fun, lots of […]

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