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Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities  Once a month the students from a local Barber school arrive at the vocational school to give free haircuts to our students. Being students the haircuts take a while longer that usual; the visiting students are usually very nervous and for some it is the fist time they […]

Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind A wonderful afternoon at the School for the Blind meant the children could take time off from study to play music and dance, and were then treated by a sponsor to what could be the best afternoon snack, ever! Spicy son tam salad, fried chicken and French fries – […]

Pattaya School for the Blind This morning nine monks from a local Buddhist temple arrived to join the anniversary celebrations of the school. The monks were at the school to lead the children in chanting and praying and to make merit for themselves. The school opened on its current site in North pattaya in 1986, and […]

Father Ray Day Care Center Morning classes were interrupted this morning at the Father Ray Day Care Center when the children were visit by a team of dentists The youngsters were presented with huge models of teeth and they were taught the correct way of cleaning and taking care of their teeth.

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