45 years of care – official

In 1974 Father Ray Brennan had already been working for several years with the underprivileged in Pattaya, but it in ’74 that his work was registered and made official.

A short while earlier he had accepted into his care an unwanted newborn baby. From there he went on to open residential facilities for children who had been neglected, orphanage and abandoned. He also welcomed runaways, children who were escaping poverty and who found themselves living on the streets of Pattaya and having to sell their young bodies to get money for food.

He also opened educational facilities for deaf toddlers, blind and visually impaired children and a vocational training facility for young adults living with a disability.

The records at the Foundation only go back to 1992 and they show that more than 7,200 children and students in need have arrived seeking help. For the eighteen years before records were kept there could have been many hundreds, even thousands, more who arrived.

Today the Father Ray Foundation continues the work of Father Ray Brennan, and cares for and educates 850 underprivileged children and students with disabilities.

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