Accountability & Accreditation

Father Ray Foundation is responsible to you, our friends and supporters. We take that responsibility very seriously. Without you, our children won’t be fed, clothed and educated. We want you to know, and to see, that what you give is used wisely and prudently, to help all those in our care, and the increasing numbers who comes to us every year. Our challenge is to give them above all else love, but also meet their material needs to have a better life in the future. We can only do that with the financial support of our friends in Thailand and around the world.

Our aim is to achieve the highest standards in the way we run the Foundation, and to be fully transparent about what we do.

This necessarily includes the annual production of accounts, professionally audited by an international firm of business auditors (Grant Thornton Thailand). The full accounts can not be presented in this snapshot of the Foundation, but they are available on request at

Where our funding comes from (2019)

How we spend our funding (2019)

From within Thailand (2019)

From overseas (2019)

Project costs (2019)

The Father Ray Foundation is a registered Thai charity with accreditation and recognition from the following government departments and organizations.

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