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Annual health check-up

Each year we take all our children to a local clinic for a full inside and out health check. No matter how young or how old, everyone from the Children’s Home and Children’s Village much attend.

For our new arrivals we don’t always have their past medical history, and we want to make sure that everyone is in the best of health, that way they will be happier, do better at school, be more sociable with friends and have a better quality of life.

The children have to give a urine sample as well as a stool sample, not always easy and often hilarious when a large group of friends all go off to the toilet together. They all give blood, and while the younger children will accept what is happening many of our teenagers are terrified, boys and girls.

We are happy to say that most of our children are in good health, though most new arrivals are malnourished, skinny and often small for their age, but we soon fatten them up and give them a healthy diet.

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