Birthday: February 1, 1999
Birthplace: Buriram
Arrival: May 16, 2018
Project: Pattaya Redemptorist Technological College for People with Disabilities

Family History and General Information

Aoy is a 19 years old young lady who comes from Buri Ram, a province in the north east of Thailand. She lives with her parents who are rice farmers. They grow enough to eat and are able to sell the surplus of their crops. She has a younger brother. There are four people in the family home.

When Aoy was four years old, she suffered from Japanese Encephalitis (JE), resulting in the weakness of both her legs. She cannot stand independently, only with the help of holding onto something or someone. She can use a walker, but her walking is slow and unsteady. She now uses a wheelchair to attend classes so she can feel more comfortable and confident.

Aoy’s disability never prevented her from going to school. She was able to finish her Grade 12 education from Srisangwan School in Khon Kaen – a school for children with disabilities, located near her hometown.

Aoy learnt of our Pattaya Redemptorist Technological College from our School Educational Guidance Team those who went to guide the students at her school. She feels very fortunate to have passed the entrance exam on her first attempt. She is currently studying for the Vocational certificate Program in the Business Computer course (CB).

After attending School for a month, Aoy is impressed with the school and how well they care for students with disabilities. All the students help each other and get along well. She receives good advice from the teachers such as don’t go out alone, that it is better to go with a friend. She is experiencing no problems with her studies. She is careful to rest as she now has to get up early to start her classes. Aoy enjoys the variety of food that the school serves.

There are many games in our programme of sports, especially adapted for the disabled in which all students are encouraged to participate. Aoy used to be a national wheelchair racing athlete when she was at her former school. She went to compete at Portugal, and she even won the 4th prize. Congratulations to Aoy!

Our students will have a chance to choose and join in the School’s clubs that meet every Saturday. Aoy would like to join the Sport Club focusing on wheelchair racing and swimming.

Aoy would like to thank the Sponsors for giving this opportunity to disabled students, enabling them to have a chance to study and improve their chance at a better life. She looks forward to being independent and helping her family.



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