Birthday: January 23, 2005
Birthplace: Nan
Arrival: June 6, 2017
Project: Father Ray Children’s Home

Family History and General Information

Chai comes from a poor family. His family is Hmong people. His parents work growing plants on a mountain farm. Unfortunately his father is an opium addict that has severely affected the family. Chai lives with his parents and helps them on the farm. His parents do not have enough money and time to properly take care of their son. Chai was frequently absent from school as he had to help his parents to on the farm.

One day Sister Betty, from a small foundation in Nan province in the North of Thailand, went to Chai’s village and saw the difficulties of his life and became concerned about his future. She then contacted Fr. Peter and asked for help from our foundation. Finally, Chai was brought to our Drop-In Center with the hope that he receives the best education available, and therefore the possibility of a good future. When Chai was transferred into our care he came with Nung who he knew from his village. The two boys are very good friends and feel happy to be together; they have grown so close many people confuse them for brothers.

Chai has adjusted well to life at the Home. He has easily fallen into the routines of things and has made friends with many of the other boys his age. He is still close to Nung as they both come from the same area of Nan and are both able to speak Hmong to one another. It is very nice for both boys to have this close friendship. Our staff at the Home mention that Chai is a lovely boy who is very respectful, kind and polite.

Chai finished his 2nd term of Grade 4 with a 2.91 GPA (out of possible 4.00). He will be advancing to Grade 5 when the new school year starts in May. This past school term his favourite subject was Social Studies as he said he wants to be a soldier in the future.

At school, Chai gets along well with all his classmates. Last term, he had a chance to join in the annual sport games where he is one of the members in the school football team. Chai spends most of his time with his close friend, Nung. They are very close and prefer to talk amongst each other. They often talk about their favourite football teams and players. The most popular teams are Manchester United and Liverpool.

Chai has a very good appetite, eating pretty much anything, but his favourite food he says is som tam or spicy papaya salad. Overall, he continues to be healthy and strong with no major issues.

During the school’s holidays he was lucky to be able to go to Pattaya Water Park a few times with our kind sponsors and volunteers. Chai loves swimming and he had an amazing time playing on all the slides. He also participated in a charity project of the Royal Thai Navy, called “For Hopeful Children Project” (FHCP).



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