Birthday: July 16, 2013
Birthplace: Rayong
Arrival: November 1, 2017
Project: Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind

Family History and General Information

Chef was brought to our school by his family from Rayong, a province adjacent to Pattaya. His parents are general workers. Chef has been blind since birth. He is the only child of his family.

Chef’s family considers that the lack of knowledge within the family can only mean that their child will not reach his full potential. They decided to place Chef into our care because they believe that the specialized teaching method at the School for the Blind would be beneficial for his development and education.

Having been accepted, Chef was promptly assigned to the Kindergarten Level Class 1 for evaluation and for possible training which would enable him to attend to his daily personal routine needs. He is still adjusting himself to the new environment, learning to take care of his personal needs, and making new friends. Progress seems to be a little slow but we are hoping that he will be able to increase the pace before long.

Other than being blind, he is a strong and healthy young boy. He needs some physical therapy and Thai massage to develop his leg and foot muscles. Being the age he is, he needs a lot of help getting through the day, but he will be taught at the school to become as independent as possible.

April 2018

Chef will continue in Kindergarten Level 1 when the new school year begins in May. He is very close to progressing to Level 2, however we would like to keep him at the same level for one more year to ensure he is ready and mature enough to move forward. In this past year Chef has made a lot of progress and improvement in both his personal independence and academics. He is now almost completely independent in taking care of his personal needs and following his daily routine. His teacher praises Chef for how well he has adjusted to his new environment and the routines of the school.

His teachers report that Chef is a smart young boy who is always interested in knowing more about what is going on around him. Chef has a short attention span that causes him to get into a bit of trouble, especially when he is suppose to be listening to his teacher and following instructions. He loves to play with his good friend Pizza, and they can often be found walking around the grounds of the school singing songs, or relaxing on the trampoline.

Chef likes to play in his classroom as it is where he is most comfortable and he knows the surroundings the best. He will spend his free time moulding and sculpting clay and making all kinds of fun shapes and creatures. Twice a week Chef and his classmates are able to go swimming with our volunteers which he thoroughly enjoys.

Chef is a very strong and healthy boy. He has a great appetite and is always ready for the next meal, which is understandable considering how much energy he burns off.

When the school closes for a summer holiday in April, Chef will return home to spend time with his family. His parents love him very much and take very good care of him; they will all be very happy to spend time together and Chef says he can’t wait to his parents all about the different activities he participates in at the school.



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