Birthday: May 11, 2003
Birthplace: Rayong
Arrival: May 16, 2010
Project: Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind

Family History and General Information

Fai and Aroon are sister and brother who both come from a good family who brought them here to our School. Other than being partially blind for reasons unknown to the family, Fai appears to be quite strong and healthy. She is 15 kilograms in weight and 114 centimeters in height. Upon having been accepted by our School, she was promptly assigned to 2nd Entry Level – group 1. Although Fai is capable of attending to all her personal daily needs, inclusive of those relative to her personal hygiene requirements, she still needs help with regards to guidance to places such as washrooms, classrooms etc. as she is new to our School. As not to waste any time, Fai was put to work right away in an attempt to teach her to read and to write Braille which will be essential to use in her academic study as without which she would not be able to make any progress in her academic study. Fai in the meantime is able to adapt herself well to the new surrounding environment and new friends. She appears to be joyful and happy and should not have any difficulty progressing well in her academic study. One school term should be sufficient for the necessary evaluation in regarding to her overall capability.

October 2018

Fai continues her schooling in primary Grade 5. She is doing very well in all subjects and she likes study all of them.

Fai continues to learn not only in her academics, but also socially, and in her personal independence. She is more and more independent as time goes on using the orientation and mobility skills she has learnt.

Fai’s favourite pastime is going to the library and reading novels. She loves reading about Chinese fantasy and romance. She tries to find time to crochet and thread beads into various kinds of shapes – one of her favourite hobbies. She has no special close friend as she said everyone is special for her. She feels completely at ease with all her classmates.

Fai is strong and healthy although she doesn’t care much about sports. During the past term, she joined in many of the school activities and ceremonies; with the Christmas Party being her favourite event. She liked it because there were variety of sweets and candies to eat. Fai has had the opportunity to go to Pattaya Water Park a few times this year. She also competed in the annual Sports Day where she played football.

In October during the school holidays Fai and Aroon – her fraternal twin were fortunate to go home to spend time with their family. They are very close to them and helped in doing house chores.



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