Birthday: December 22, 2006
Birthplace: Sa Kaeo
Arrival: April 12, 2018
Project: Father Ray Children’s Home

Family History and General Information

Nun, Pat, and First are sisters. First comes from a poor and broken family. Her parents are separated. First and her two sisters live with their father who is addicted to drugs. He cannot properly take care of his daughters. They lived in an impermanent and dirty structure without any facilities, completely unsuitable to grow up in. As First has matured and is now approaching becoming a teenage she has attracted unwanted and inappropriate attention from male neighbours. In order to keep her safe, the Chief of her village decided to ask for help from our Drop-In Center with the hope that she receives the best education available, and therefore the possibility of a good future.

Arrangements have been made for First to start her formal education at Phinchamwichasorn School. She is studying in Grade 5 of the primary level. Here at our Drop-in Center, she mixes well with the children. Everyone is very happy to see that First has been able to adapt herself well to the new environment as well as her friends, both at our Center and at school. She is able to take care of all her daily routines herself. First is very helpful to her teachers, taking part in completing the household chores such as washing the dishes after meals and mopping the floor of the bathroom.

First is a shy young girl who needs to know that she is safe and loved. We are working to build up her self-confidence and give her the space to express herself. Continued close monitoring and supervision are being maintained to ensure that her transition into her new life goes as smoothly as possible.

July 2018

First continues her studies in Grade 6 at Baan Nork School. Her teachers at school comment that she is diligent and likes to learn. She is a responsible girl and can follow the instruction well. She always hands in her homework on time.

At the Home, First has daily chores that she is responsible for; she helps to clean her bedroom, washes the dishes, and takes out the trash. She does her chores well. She also washes and irons her own clothes. She is kind and likes to help her teachers and friends. She does whatever she can do to help.

First likes to dance and listens to music. She is still a little shy and chooses to stick close by to her sister or her close friends. She dances all the time when guests come out to visit. She is good at drawing as well. First is in good health and is strong. She currently weighs 26 kg and is 141 cm tall.

During the school holidays, First attends camp in Sattahip. She also joins in on activities with volunteers every Saturday. She participates in various activities such as playing English puzzles, playing volleyball and other outdoor activities, and even cooking and baking. Moreover, whenever guests come to the Home to visit, to organize events, and to offer meal, First helps out well. First and her two siblings – Nun and Pat, love one another very much. First is happy to live at the Home.



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