Birthday: March 20, 2010
Birthplace: Bangkok
Arrival: September 11, 2018
Project: Father Ray Children’s Village

Family History and General Information

Great comes from a poor and broken family in Bangkok. His parents are separated, with his father’s whereabouts unknown. Great lives with his mother and his step-father in a rented room. He has a half younger sister who lives with her paternal grandmother in their house.

For the past two years ago, his step-father has been serving a prison sentence for selling drugs, while his mother has been unemployed. Fortunately, she and Great were permitted to live in a rented room without paying the rent by the owner. On top of these difficulties Great’s mother also suffers from Tuberculosis. One day in the middle of last year, Great could not go to school, he told his mother that his body was sore. When his mother pushed him to tell her more he told her that he was being sexually abused by the owner of their rented room, and it had been going on for a year. His mother was shocked and very distressed; she took Great to the police station to make a report. And then Great was transferred to the hospital to have a physical examination. The psychiatrist reported that he was not found to experience any major intellectual problems, but that he has a lower than average IQ at 86 with a short concentration span. So, he has to take 1 ½ tablets of medication per day to help with his concentration and anxiety. His medication is sent by post to us every month from the hospital in Bangkok.

A social worker, who worked Great’s case at the hospital asked for help from our Village, with the hope that Great receives the best education available, and therefore the possibility of a good future.

Great is an 8 years old boy. He has been welcomed by every member of the Village, and now lives in House 8. He is a very cheerful boy who mixes well with the children. He participates well in the Village’s activities.

His mother would like to visit him here, but first she needs to take time to recover from her illness. We hope Great will get a chance to see her soon.

Great will continue in Grade 3 when the new school year starts in May. He is a bit behind in his studies but he is working hard and learning to read, write and recite the Thai and English alphabets. He said he really likes English class as the teacher is very funny and always makes learning English fun. Great says that he finds Thai difficult, especially reading and listening. His house mother helps him with his homework every evening and helps him with extra tuition on the weekend.

At school, Great gets along well with all his classmates. He is friends with everyone, but his best friend is Ben. They play everything together, including Lego, football and puzzles. Great is a very active young boy who loves running around, playing football and competing in marbles with his friends.

Great has a very good appetite, eating pretty much anything, but his favourite foods he says are stir-fried morning glory and chocolate – a popular answer amongst our children. Overall, he continues to be healthy and strong with no major issues.

During the school’s holidays he was lucky to be able to go to Hat Sai Kaew Navy Beach with the rest of the Village. Great loves swimming and he had an amazing time playing in the water and sand – exploring all the little fish and creatures the beach had to offer.



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