Birthday: March 3, 2003
Birthplace: Rayong
Arrival: May 16, 2018
Project: Pattaya Redemptorist Technological College for People with Disabilities

Family History and General Information

Kong is a 15 years old man who comes from Rayong, a province in the east of Thailand. His parents have been separated and he lives with his father who is a freelance electrician working in the film production industry.

Kong was born with numbness and weakness on his right side. Both of his legs are weak, but he is able to use his left hand. Kong now uses a wheelchair to allow him to be more mobile. Although his wheelchair definitely helps, because he can only use his left hand he still finds it challenging to maneuver around. He said that he hopes that he will be able to get an electric wheelchair in the near future that will be more comfortable for him.

Kong’s disability never prevented him from going to school. He was able to finish his Grade 9 from Srisangwan School in Nonthaburi– a school for children with disabilities. Although it is located quite far from his hometown his father supported him in his education.

Kong learnt of our Pattaya Redemptorist Technological College from his former school. He is very glad to have been given this vocational training opportunity after passing, on his first attempt, the entrance examination for the Vocational Certificate Program in the Information Technology course (IT).

June 2018

After attending School for a month, Kong is impressed with the school and how well they care for students with disabilities. All the students help each other and get along well. He receives good advice from the teachers such as don’t go out alone, but it is better to go with a friend. He is experiencing no problems with his studies. He is careful to rest as he now has to get up early to start his classes. Kong enjoys the variety of food that the school serves.

There are many games in our programme of sports, especially adapted for the disabled in which all students are encouraged to participate. Kong used to play Boccia when he was at his former school. He even won silver medal of the provincial level for 4 years. Good job Kong!

Our students will have a chance to choose and join in the School’s Club on every Saturday. Kong would like to join the Sport Club which is focusing on Boccia. He also wants to try wheelchair fencing and playing the keyboard with our school band.

Kong would like to thank the Sponsors for giving this opportunity to disabled students, enabling them to have a chance to study and improve their chance at a better life. He looks forward to being independent and helping his family.



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