Birthday: July 7, 2004
Birthplace: Bangkok
Arrival: September 29, 2008
Project: Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind

Family History and General Information

Lift was born into a poor family. His parents are wandering vendors selling their wares along the beach. They were bringing Lift to work with them before they placed him into our care. Lift has been partially blind since birth. There are four people in their family, Lift, his parents, and Lift’s stepsister who is the daughter of his mother and her ex-husband. They all live in the house on rental land in a slum area.

Lift was initially at the Father Ray Day Care Center when he arrived in 2008. After spending a year at the Day Care Center we recommended that he continue his education with us at our School for the Blind. Lift has been studying with us ever since

Lift finished his Grade 2 in the end of March. The year-end examinations are complete and he will advance to the next higher level when the school year starts in May. He continues to work hard and put forth his best effort in class. He enjoys school and is a great student who is a pleasure to have in class according to his teacher.

It is very important for children to get exercise, play games, and have fun things to do in their leisure time. The School’s annual sport day was held at the end of November 2017. This year, students and teachers were divided into two teams: Blue and Purple, Lift was in the Blue team. He even won four gold medals in the 30 meters race, 4×50 meters relay, football and walking on the coconut shells! That may sound like a strange sport, but two halves of a coconut have a rope threaded through and the ‘athlete’ holds the rope while standing and running on the coconut shells. He also won a silver medal from goal ball. Good job Lift!

His favourite subject is still Music. Lift was a member of the band who played along the recent Pattaya St. Patrick’s Day Parade. He and his friends climbed onto a pick-up truck and there were two saxophones, two trumpets, two trombones and a selection of drums and cymbals and they played very well.

Here at the school, Lift can get along well with all his classmates. He is in good health. Not only sports, but he really loves practicing piano and threading beads into various kinds of shapes when he has free time.

A lovely young man, Lift is always willing to help others – a great characteristic to have at such a young age. He is very well like by everyone because of this sweet disposition.

The school closed for the long summer holiday from March until the end of April as every year. Because Lift’s family is in Pattaya, so he can stay with his family during the school vacation. He returned home to be with them, helping with chores and also enjoying the Thai New Year Festival of Songkran.

Lift said, he loves to join in every activities of the school because he had chances to play and join in many fun games.



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