Birthday: June 3, 2014
Birthplace: Chonburi
Arrival: January 3, 2017
Project: Father Ray Children’s Village

Family History and General Information

Mimi and Bible are sister and brother from a poor and broken family. Their parents are separated. Their father works as a photographer while their mother is unemployed. The father has a little income and not enough to look after his children. He decided to ask for help from the Father Ray Foundation with the hope that they receive the good shelter, good food, and the best education that is available for them, and therefore the possibility of a good future.

Mimi has advanced to Grade 1 at Darasamut School. She is a good student who likes all her subjects as she says she is happy to learn with her friends and teachers.

At school, Mimi gets along well with all her classmates. She is friends with everyone, but at the Village, her best friends are Kim and her younger brother Bible. They play together with their toys and share everything.

Mimi has a very good appetite, eating pretty much anything but her favourite foods she says are fried rice and noodles. Overall, she continues to be healthy and strong with no major issues.

Mimi lives in Sunflower House with her younger brother Bible who she is very close with. Together their daily chores is to help line up all the children’s shoes outside on their porch, and help to open and close the blinds in the living room in the morning and evening.

In her free time Mimi likes to play with the other many little girls her age at the Children’s Village. It is very nice because there are about 5 girls around the same age and they all play their little games together. Mimi can also be found anywhere there is a cat or dog; she absolutely loves animals, even the creepy crawlers she finds.



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