Birthday: December 28, 2004
Birthplace: Nan
Arrival: December 28, 2017
Project: Father Ray Children’s Home

Family History and General Information

Nung comes from a poor family. His family is Hmong people. His parents work growing plants on a mountain farm. Unfortunately both his parents are opium addicts which have severely affected the family. Nung lives with them and helps on the farm. His parents do not have enough money and time to properly take care of their son. Nung was frequently absent from school as he had to help his parents to work.

One day Sister Betty, from a small foundation in Nan province in the North of Thailand, went to Nung’s village and saw the difficulties of his life and became concerned about his future. She then contacted Fr. Peter and asked for help from our foundation. Finally, Nung was brought to our Drop-In Center with the hope that he receives the best education available, and therefore the possibility of a good future. When Nung was transferred into our care he came with Chai who he knew from his village. The two boys are very good friends and feel happy to be together; they have grown so close many people confuse them for brothers.

Arrangements were been made for Nung to start his formal education at Ban Nork School. He is studying in Grade 3 of the primary level. Here at our Drop-in Center, he mixes well with the children at the Center. Everyone was very happy and relieved to observe Nung being able to adapt himself to the new environment as well as his friends, both at our Center as well as at school. He is able to take care of himself and his daily routine. Nung is very helpful to his teachers, taking part in completing the household chores such as watering the vegetable garden and cleaning the floor. Being a young teenager Nung needs to be reminded at times to not play so rough with the younger residents and control his temper. Continued close monitoring and supervision are being maintained to ensure that his transition into his new life goes as smoothly as possible.

November 2018

Nung continues his schooling in Grade 4. He is doing well in his classes, with Maths being his favourite subject. He likes the subject because it is simple to understand when there is only ever one right answer. He also said his teacher makes this class fun.

At Home, Nung has been assigned to clean the canteen area at the boys building. His teacher reported that he can always be relied up to complete his assigned chores well. Nung is always ready to help his teachers when they ask. He is a young man who has a great sense of responsibility. When speaking with his teacher about Nung she couldn’t stop saying positive things about him and highlighting that he is very mature when it comes to saving his money.

Nung’s favorite pastime is reading comic books and watching action movies. He likes the suspense, never knowing what is going to happen next, and all the special effects. His close friend is Chai, who he completely trusts and can talk about anything with. Nung and Chai are close like brothers; they understand each other because they both come from the same area and have had similar upbringings.

Nung is overall healthy and strong. In the annual health check that all our children receive it was found that he has low iron levels, meaning he is anemic. He is taking medicine daily to help.

Nung stays fit by being active and playing football regularly. He is on his school’s team and proudly wears their shirt. He also really enjoys drama and plays where he can act theatrically.

During the past months, Nung joined in many of the Home’s activities, with a trip to Bangsaen Beach being his favourite. He liked it because he had the chance to swim in the crystal clear water and hang out with his friends. He then went to see a musical and play at Burapha University.

Nung is thinking about his future and what he wants to do with his life. He would like to continue his to university and study Accounting.



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