Birthday: January 10, 2004
Birthplace: Sa Kaeo
Arrival: June 23, 2017
Project: Father Ray Children’s Village

Family History and General Information

Pat and First are sisters. Pat comes from a poor and broken family. Her parents are separated. Pat and her sister live with their father who is addicted to drugs. He cannot properly take care of his daughters. They lived in an impermanent and dirty structure without any facilities, completely unsuitable to grow up in. As Pat has matured and is now a young lady she has attracted unwanted and inappropriate attention from male neighbours. In order to keep her safe, the Chief of her village decided to ask for help from our Drop-In Center with the hope that she receives the best education available, and therefore the possibility of a good future.

Pat finished her 2nd term of Grade 9 with a 3.16 GPA (out of possible 4.00). She will be advancing to Grade 10 when the new school year starts in May. This past school term her favourite subjects were English, Science, and Social Studies.

At school, Pat gets along well with all her classmates. She spends most of her time with her close friend, Bow and her younger sister, First. They are all very close and prefer to talk amongst each other. They talk about the latest pop singers and TV dramas – both Thai and from abroad.

Pat has a very good appetite, eating pretty much anything but her favourite food she says is spicy seafood salad. However, she is allergic to eggplant. Overall, she continues to be healthy and strong with no major issues.

During the school’s holidays she was lucky to be able to go to Pattaya Water Park a few times with our kind sponsors and volunteers. Pat loves swimming and she had an amazing time playing on all the slides. Moreover, she also participated in a charity project of the Royal Thai Navy, called “For Hopeful Children Project” (FHCP). One of her most favourite activities is dancing for the guests who came to visit the Home.



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