Birthday: April 20, 2011
Birthplace: Rayong
Arrival: December 28, 2017
Project: Father Ray Children’s Village

Family History and General Information

Pop and Auto are brothers who come from a poor and broken family in Rayong – where is not too far from Pattaya. Their parents are separated while their father whereabouts is unknown. Pop and Auto were born from a same father while their mother is remarried and has two babies with her new husband. Their step-father is a disabled person. Their mother and step-father are selling bakery at a local market. Every day, their step-father lets both of Pop and Auto carrying a tray of bakery and walk to sell around the market. Due to their ages just six and five years old, during the way they walk, some of bakery was falling to the ground. This caused their step-father was very angry and punished them.

The supervising teacher of Pop and Auto saw some scar on their legs and arms, so she was asking their mother what happened to them. In order to keep Pop and Auto safe, their mother decided to ask the supervising teacher to ask for help from our Drop-In Center with the hope that they receive the best education available, and therefore the possibility of a good future.

Pop is welcomed by every member of the Village to live in the eighth house. Like all children here, he is well looked after by the Caregiver “Mother” who takes care of the children under the “we are family” concept and gives them the family life that all children require and deserve.

Pop is studying in Grade 4 with his favourite subjects being Computers and Physical Education. His teachers say that Pop is a clever boy who has a lot of energy that he needs to practice focusing into his school work.

At school, Pop gets along well with all his classmates. He is friends with everyone, but his closest friend is his brother Auto. They play everything together, including Lego, football and puzzles. Pop is a very active young boy who loves running around, playing football, watching cartoons and competing in marbles with his friends. He is starting to become more interested in music, specifically the drums, which he is learning from one of our staff members.

Pop has a very good appetite, eating pretty much anything but his favourite food he says is fried rice with shrimp, and the ever popular Mama instant noodles. Overall, he continues to be healthy and strong with no major issues.

Pop is living happily in Angel Flower House. He has the daily chore of sweeping outside his house and helping to collect all the fallen leaves, which he does with a little encouragement from her House Mother.

In his free time Pop likes to play with his friends at the Children’s Village. He is a very adventurous young boy that likes to get into some mischief with his friends. Although we know that boys his age get into lots of different adventures we try to persuade him to be a bit more careful when he is playing and not get himself of his friends hurt. He loves playing football, reading comics and watching cartoons. There are many boys in Angel Flower House that are around the same age and they stick together and play everything together.



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