Birthday: December 5, 2010
Birthplace: Bangkok
Arrival: April 8, 2019
Project: Father Ray Children’s Village

Family History and General Information

Tunwa is an 8 years old boy who came into our care recently. His parents are separated, with his mother remarried. He has an older sister and a younger sister. Unfortunately his father is a drug addict which has severely affected the family. His father was serving a prison sentence of a few years because of his drug use; he was just recently released. Unfortunately his father now has mental and behavioural problems stemming from his drug use. Because of this he cannot work to support his family. Their family live in Klong Toey, a district in central Bangkok, well known for its slum.

There is a paternal grandmother who is working as a cleaner at one the Government Centre who is the pillar of strength for the whole family. Tunwa’s mother who is now working as a security guard, often visits him and his sisters, but she doesn’t help with financial support.

Last month, a Catholic priest who helps the poor in the slum area met Tunwa’s grandmother and knew about her problem. The priest then asked for help from our Village, with the hope that Tunwa receives the best education available, and therefore the possibility of a good future.

Tunwa finished his 2nd term of Grade 2. He will be advancing to Grade 3 when the new school year starts in May. Tunwa is a smart young boy who is a great student in class. He said that his favourite subject is Math as it is easy for him to understand since there is only one correct answer. But he said that he really doesn’t enjoy English as it is very difficult for him to understand.

At school, Tunwa gets along well with all his classmates. He is friends with everyone, but his closest friend is Great. They play everything together, including Lego, football and puzzles. Tunwa is a very active young boy who loves running around, playing football, watching cartoons and competing in marbles with his friends.

Tunwa has a very good appetite, eating pretty much anything, but his favourite food he says is mu kratha, a kind of Thai barbeque mixed with hot pot. He has a seafood allergy. Overall, he continues to be healthy and strong with no major issues.

During the school’s holidays he was lucky to be able to go to Hat Sai Kaew Navy Beach with the rest of the Village. Tunwa loves swimming and he had an amazing time playing in the water and sand – exploring all the little fish and creatures the beach had to offer.

Tunwa is living happily in House Number 8.



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