Birthday: April 25, 2012
Birthplace: Tak
Arrival: June 1, 2019
Project: Father Ray Children’s Village

Family History and General Information

Yorsoo is a 7 years old boy who came into our care recently. He came with his two brothers, Yoseph and Yorla. He also has another younger brother who is still living with his father. Yorsoo was born in Tak province, but grew up in Kamphaengphet, a province in the north of Thailand. His parents are separated, with his mother remarried. His father is a casual worker working on a farm to earn his living. He does not have enough money or time to properly take care of his sons.

Before coming to us, Yorsoo has never had his ID card because his mother never reported her giving birth to the government. So, Yorsoo has never entered to the formal education system because of the lack of his Thai official documents.

One day a priest, from a small foundation in Kamphaengphet, went to Yorsoo’s village and saw the difficulties of his life and became concerned about his future. He then contacted and asked for help from our foundation. Finally, Yorsoo was brought to our Children’s Home with the hope that he receives the best education available, and therefore the possibility of a good future. When Yorsoo was transferred into our care he came with Yoseph and Yorla, his older brother and his younger brother. Three of them feel happy to be together here.

Arrangements were been made for Yorsoo to start his formal education at Ban Nork School. He is studying in primary Grade 1 with his brother, Yoseph. Here at our Children’s Home, he mixes well with the children at the Home. Everyone was very happy and relieved to observe Yorsoo being able to adapt himself to the new environment as well as his friends, both at our Home as well as at school. He is able to take care of himself and his daily routine.

When Yorsoo was younger he was involved in a road accident, resulting in him having to undergo an operation to insert a metal plate into his left leg. He needs to be cautious when running around and playing with his friends. Later this year he may have to undergo another operation to replace the metal plate with a larger one. Continued close monitoring and supervision are being maintained to ensure that his transition into his new life goes as smoothly as possible.



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