Father Ray Children's Home


Students from Sacred Heart School in South London have been visiting us for ten years and before they leave we always hold a sports day at the Children’s Home.

Four teams, comprising of Thais and foreigners, compete against each other and the visitors were very surprised when they arrived at the Home and read the schedule.

There would be no long jump, sprint races or any other sports that are usually seen at children’s sports day. Instead there was an eight-legged race, a marathon eating contest, tug-of-war and a new game for the visiting students, pick-up-a-pig.

Yes, you read that right, pick-up-a-pig.

For the eight-legged race there was a lot talk about tactics, but no matter how long they stood talking it did not prepare them for the race, where only one team managed to cross the finish line with all members standing.

The pick-up-a-pig contest saw three team members climb into a pig pen and see how many pigs they could catch in two minutes. Not as easy as it sounds, and the British students were all very enthusiastic about taking part.

Sports days in south London may never be the same again!


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