School for the Blind


The annual sports day at the Pattaya School for the Blind took place recently, and as with each year the aim of the event is for the children to have a lot of fun. It is also the best way of spotting any talented sports men and women who can represent Chonburi at the National Games for the Disabled which take place later in February in Saraburi.

Khun Aurora, Principal and co-founder of the school, welcomed the invited dignitaries, including Khun Supamit Sirakantamakul, from the Chonburi Primary Education Department, and Father Peter and Father Michael, President and Vice President of the Father Ray Foundation respectively.

As with previous years the students are split into two teams, blue and green, and while the students may be friends with each other throughout the year, on sports day friendships are forgotten and the rivalry is fierce.

Following the arrival of the marching band, the parade of athletes and the lighting of the flame, the students were ready to compete. Medals were won in a variety of sports, including swimming, athletics, volleyball, futsol and goalball; where competitors are blind or visually impaired a small bell is placed inside the ball so the players can hear where the ball is. 

One of the most fiercely competed, and loudest, events is the song and dance routine the blue and green cheerleaders perform. Boys dressed as girls, girls dressed as boys, children made to look like monsters and all singing along to the latest pop tunes.

As the final competition took place the points accumulated by each team were totaled and the athletes from the green team were announced as overall winners.

Several of the older students from the school have been selected to travel to the province of Saraburi to compete in a few weeks time; we wish them the best of luck.  

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