Father Ray Children's Home


Many children, especially those from poor families, can only dream of receiving a scholarship to one of the better schools in the area, and then go on to study at college or university.

Several years ago seventeen residents from the Father Ray Children’s Home were fortunate to receive scholarships to Darasamuth School in Sri Racha, and this week four very happy teenagers graduated from Grade 12. It was the day they thought would never arrive, and Miss Pom, the Home’s manager, and mother to all the children, was on hand to personally congratulate each of them.

The four graduates have spent most of their childhood living at the Children’s Home; it has become the only home they remember. The Home tries to provide the best possible opportunities for all its residents, including giving all the children the chance to reach their full potential in higher education.

It was in 2010 that the first ever resident from the Home graduated from university. Today there are eight studying at university, nine attending vocational school and for the next school year there will be a further twenty one children receiving scholarships to Darasamuth School.

The four recent graduates will now enroll at four different universities to study English, Economics, International Business and Health Education.

We can only wish them the best of luck in their future studies.

Mook will be studying English for the next four years and best friend Sai will study International Business_resize DSC_0072_resize DSC_0080_resize Ex, left, will go on to study Economics, while Leck will train to be a Physical Education teacher._resize Four happy students and a very proud Miss Pom.JPGa_resize IMG_8509_resize It was a day they thought would never arrive.

We never turn a needy child away