Father Ray Foundation

Each year one of Cunard’s luxury liners arrives into Laem Chabang port as part of its round the world tour. This year it was the Queen Mary 2 that arrived, and once again the children and students from the Father Ray Foundation were invited on board to entertain the ship’s guests.

The ship was only in port for twelve hours, and while many guests disembark and travel into Bangkok or Pattaya, there are just as many who stay on board to welcome the children and watch their show titled ‘A Taste of Thailand’.

It is not easy getting more than one hundred children and students on board, especially those in wheelchairs and panic ensued when a toddler from the Father Ray Day Care Center went missing; fortunately she was found taking a nap under a bench.

Not only were the children about to perform to a large audience on a huge ship, but they were also treated to afternoon tea. A large variety of sandwiches and cakes were served, and there was so much food that several bags were filled to be eaten on the journey home. 

Traditional Thai dance routines by the girls from the Father Ray Children’s Home and Children’s Village saw the audience giving a standing ovation. The young boys from the Children’s Home gave an exhibition of Muay Thai and the toddlers stood staring into the audience, but still got a round of applause for looking cute.

The wheelchair dance troupe gave a performance which astounded those watching and two five year olds from the School for the Blind sang a duet that brought a tear to the eyes of many.

As in previous years there was a rush to leave the ship before it set sail for its next port of call, and as usual there was one boy who wanted to know where the best place would be to stowaway. Thankfully the same number of children who climbed on board also disembarked.

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We never turn a needy child away