Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities

For those of you who have traveled to Thailand, the wai is performed when meeting people, saying goodbye, giving thanks and paying respect. The hands are placed together and raised to chest height and the head is bowed.

The word Khru means teacher, so therefore Wai Khru means to pay respect to a teacher.

On a selected Thursday in June each year, students throughout the Kingdom pay their respects to their teachers. Large floral decorated paan’s are presented to a representative of the teachers, usually the Director of a school.

Students repeat the student oath, before the paan’s are presented and the students bow as low as possible to show how much respect they have for the teaching staff.

At the Vocational School for People with Disabilities prizes are awarded to the class who present the best decorated paan, and there is always a lot of competition to be the best.

At the recent Wai Khru ceremony financial awards were presented to several of the poorest students at the school which will be used help their families while they are studying. 


We never turn a needy child away