Pattaya School for the Blind


To commemorate the start of the lent season, the students from the School for the Blind recently visited their local Buddhist temple.

Led by one of the younger female students sitting upon a floral decorated float and followed by dancers, marchers, and all to the sound of the resident marching band, the students caused traffic to come to a standstill as they made their way to the temple in the middle of the morning rush hour.

Upon arrival the students followed tradition by marching three times around the complex before entering the main temple building where they had an audience with the Abbot and four senior monks.  

As the monks will be remaining in their temples, local worshippers make merit by presenting alms and gifts to the monks to make life easier for them. In past years candles were presented to the monks so that they will have light through the dark nights. Today it is custom to present the monks with very large candles, some several meters high, as well as presenting modern neon light bulbs. Dried foods and toiletries are also offered.

In return the children received a special blessing and the Abbot took time to talk to the children, offering them advice, telling them to be students and respectful to their elders.

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We never turn a needy child away