The Father Ray School for Children with Special Needs held the final Wai Khru ceremony of the year, and as expected it was a very loud two hours.

Wai Khru Day is the day when students pay respects to their teachers, and also to the staff who work at the school. The days running up to the day are spent producing floral arrangements to present to the teachers, but this year several students name their gifts to the teachers using cookies and candy.

The ceremony started with a representative from each class presenting their gift to Father Michael and Khun Sumet, principal at the school. On their knees they handed the floral arrangements and then bowed their heads as low as they could, right down to the floor, and this is the way to show respect.

All the children were holding jasmine garlands and they presented them to their favourite teacher, and in return they received a white piece of string tied around their wrists.

Prizes were also given to those who produced the most beautiful arrangement, and the competition was fierce.

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