All children and students residing or studying at the projects managed by the Father Ray Foundation should have available to them necessary health advice or health assistance that will allow them to become healthy individuals, free from harm and disease.


Father Ray Foundation

  • HealthEach project managed by the Father Ray Foundation will have a designated member of staff responsible for dealing with the health of the children and students at that particular project.
  • All new arrivals at the Father Ray Children’s Home, Father Ray Children’s Village and the Father Ray Outreach Work & Drop-In Center will receive a medical check-up by the full-time health care officer.
  • All new residents at the Father Ray Children’s Home will, within one week of arriving, visit a local hospital for a full medical check-up; including supplying blood, stool and urine samples.  
  • All older children will receive regular dental examinations.
  • A clinic is available for any child/student who needs to be isolated from the general population due to the presence of infection.
  • All residents will receive a suitable diet.


All foreign volunteers, prior to arrival at the Father Ray Foundation, will be asked about any health issues that may prevent them taking part in any work.

  • All long term volunteers are expected to have medical insurance.
  • All volunteers are expected to inform the Volunteer Coordinator if volunteers are taking regular prescription medicines.
  • All volunteers are told on arrival that they must inform the Volunteer Coordinator of any sickness that occurs.

We never turn a needy child away