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Disabilities development To the young children attending the Center for Children with Special Needs it was a simple game of basketball. In reality it was an exercise in which the children are learning many things. First the children were asked to select a specific coloured ball, then walk up a steep ramp and place the […]

Father Children’s Home It is six thirty in the morning and the first day of a new school year. The children have all eaten breakfast and the girls all look very smart in their crisp white blouses and neatly pleated skirts. Their socks are whiter than white and their shoes are shining. They are all […]

Father Ray Children’s Home After eight weeks off school, the boys from the Father Ray Children’s Home are almost ready to go back to school. But before they go back to class they must have a regulation haircut. One of the older boys, Lek, is responsible for the barber shop and it is his job […]

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