Father Ray Children's Home

Founded 1990

Formerly the Home for Street Kids, in 2015 the Children’s Home celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary.

For over a quarter of a century more than six hundred youngsters, school age children and teenagers who have run away from a life of poverty, abuse and neglect have arrived seeking help.

They have run away from home, from poverty, abuse and neglect and they have found a place where they are safe, free from the risk of harm.

Children have arrived from all over the Kingdom, from the far north to the deep south and from the border in the east with Cambodia to the provinces in the west and along the Myanmar border.

We encourage them to go to school, learn new skills and gain knowledge and many have gone on the study at vocational schools and universities campuses around the country.

We want our children to have a better life than what their parents and grandparents could ever have imagined for themselves.

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