Father Ray Children's Village

Founded 2008

An old African proverb states that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. The lucky children who have found a home at the Father Ray Children’s Village will grow up knowing what it is like to be part of a loving family and a happy community.

The Father Ray Children’s Village gives orphaned, abandoned & neglected, homeless and abused children a home: a home where they will live with ‘brothers and sisters’ under the watchful eye of a caring ‘mother’.

The Father Ray Children’s Village offers a home where children will be safe, where they will feel loved and one where they will feel not just part of a family, but also part of a community.

Living as part of a family will give each child the individual care that all children need. They will receive the love and attention that all children require, and they will have a sense of belonging; they will belong to a family.

In December 2017 the Father Ray Outreach Work & Drop-In Center relocated to the Children’s Village.

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