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A new day

Just twenty three new students are enrolled for this term, and they were welcomed by the teachers and volunteers this morning. They paraded across the

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Student initiation

Twenty three new students have arrived in Pattaya, all about to start the most exciting two years of their young lives. It will be tough

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Able the Disabled

The annual Able the Disabled Open Day took place yesterday and more than fifteen local children with special needs took part. They climbed onto horses,

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Ambassadorial visit

His Excellency Mr. Tony Cotter, newly installed Ambassador at the Embassy of Ireland in Bangkok, together with Mrs. Marie Cotter, paid a visit this morning

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We Are Sailing

They travelled over to the United States and took part in thier first ever sailing competition. And won, how fabulous is that. Two students, one

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With the arrival of a truck load of brand new t-shirts, all bearing the logo of the Father Ray Foundation and all for sale, our

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