Pattaya Fun Run

While the 2019 Pattaya Marathon, and the half marathon race, may have taken the runners on a scenic route around Pattaya, Pratamnak and Jomtien, there was a smaller race that did not go as far.

The Fun Run saw racers run down beach Road towards Dolphin Roundabout, then along Second Road before turning right onto Pattaya Klang and the finish line on Beach Road.

The 3.75km race started with more than forty wheelchair racers, all current and former students, and several teachers, from the local Technological College for people with Disabilities, part of the Father Ray Foundation.

As soon as the klaxon was sounded the wheelchairs raced down the road, all except one young men. Unable to use his brand new electric wheelchair, donated to him by a sponsor, he was back in his manual chair, and unable to use his hands due to cerebral palsy he was left with just one foot to pull himself along.

He was swamped by the hundreds, if not thousands, of mostly children on the Fun Run and he refused all offers of help, and he received many. He wanted to finish the race himself, he was never going to win and he knew he would come last, but he wanted to finish his first ever race all by himself.

Before he had even reached the hill up to the Dolphin Roundabout several of his school mates had already finished the race, but he continued at his own pace and cheered on by fellow racers and spectators.

The annual Fun Run is just what it says it is, a lot of fun. Families run together, the elderly trying to better their personal best times, groups of school children and even super-heroes. So you have a year to train and get ready!

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