September in June

In May 2017 Alcazar Theater was the venue for one of the most remarkable theater performances Pattaya has ever seen.

Performing art students from Brigham Young University in the United States took the audience on a journey around the world through dance. There were traditional dance performances from countries in Eastern Europe and to Mexico, Ireland to Spain and also to Bollywood and Broadway.

This year eight performers from BYU arrived in Pattaya on their grand tour of China and South East Asia. The eight members of the acapella singing group, Vocal Point, performed for four hundred children and students at the Father Ray Foundation, using no instruments, though one member of the group was one of the most talented beat boxers the children have ever heard.

They sang many songs which saw the kids on their feet and dancing along to the music.  Michael Jackson’s Thriller, September by Earth Wind & Fire and the Theme from Jaws were just three of the numbers they performed, and the reaction they received from the audience was, in their opinion, the best they have received so far on their tour.

Once the show was finished there was a rush to the stage for photographs, selfies and autographs; the singers spent more time posing for photos and signing their name than they did singing. But it was a great show, one the children loved.

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