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Sina Theil

The name Sina Theil may not yet be known in many households, but the singer-songwriter, who hails from Germany but now resides in Ireland, made several new fans on a recent trip to Pattaya.

Carrying her guitar under her arm Sina received a greeting fit for a superstar when she recently arrived at the Father Ray School for Children with Special Needs.

In Pattaya for just a few days she spent her last afternoon performing for one hundred teenagers who loved what they were hearing.

As a writer of her own songs the children were hearing them for the first time, but the set list was interspersed with songs they did know. Not only did they sing along, but many were soon on their feet and dancing along to the music.

After two songs there was a long line of children asking for requests, and while Sina may not have known all the word to the requested songs the children very much appreciated the performances.

Here is a young lady has had two number one singles in Ireland. She has a talent to write and perform her own songs, play the guitar and hold a crowd in the palm of her hand, definitely somone to watch out for in the future.

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