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Sitting Volleyball

There can not be many people who have not watched a game of volleyball, almost a national sport along with soccer and ta-kraw.

Rules of sitting volleyball are based on the regular rules for standing volleyball, except the court is smaller, the net much lower and players must have at least one buttock on the court whenever they make contact with the ball. Easier said than done, especially when the ball is out of reach and if only you could lift up one inch you would have the ball. But rules and rules and the two umpires ensure the rules are strictly followed.

Almost half the players are missing a limb due to traffic or farming accidents, and there are those from rural Thailand and from Cambodia who are victims of landmines. Other players were born with lower limb deformities, but they come together to play a sport that is popular throughout ASEAN countries.

Cambodia were the eventual winner of the two day competition and all three teams will meet again in January next year when they participate in the 2020 ASEAN Paragames which will be taking place in the Philippines. While the recent competition may have been friendly, at the January competition there will be eleven teams competing and the rivalry will be fierce. 

But how many have ever watched, or even heard of sitting volleyball? It is a game played by people with disabilities, and was introduced into the Paralympics in 1980. Thailand has never qualified for the Paralympics, but it recently hosted an international friendly competition inviting teams from Malaysia, Cambodia, and they played at the Technological College for People with Disabilities here in Pattaya.

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