Sponsor a Child

Choose from a child below or have our sponsorship team choose the child most in need

One of the most important ways anyone can help our children is by sponsoring them.

Father Ray used to say that ‘people give me money to help children, the more money they give the more children I can help’.

This is where sponsors come in. The money we receive each month, or each year, goes directly to the children. In fact, 91% of all the money we receive from a sponsor goes directly to the children; the other 9% goes on expenses for the two ladies who run our sponsorship department.

Sponsoring a child or a student living and being educated at the Father Ray Foundation means that you are helping to improve the life of not just the child you sponsor, but everyone living at or studying at that project.

Sponsoring a child means that you are helping a child to have a better life. Even though you may never get to meet each other, they become part of your family and you are also part of our very big family here in Pattaya.

What you get as a sponsor

As a sponsor you will receive two updates each year about your child, usually in May and November.

You will also have access to our photo library where you can see photos of special events, such as birthdays, Christmas, first day of the new school year, the Songkran festival, sporting events and just the normal everyday activities that the children are involved in.

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