Your Meal

What will you be doing on your birthday? How will you be celebrating your wedding anniversary? Some of you may be going out for a special meal, buying expensive gifts or ordering huge bunches of flowers.

How will you remember a parent, a loved one or a friend on the anniversary of their passing? 

Rather than spending money on meals and gifts, you may want to join our ‘Your Meal Appeal’.

Pattaya Redemptorist Technological College for People with Disabilities

฿ 5,000
  • 170 students

Father Ray
Children's Village

฿ 5,000
  • 160 children

Pattaya Redemptorist
School for the blind

฿ 5,000
  • 110 students

Father Ray School for Children with
Special Needs

฿ 5,000
  • 170 students

Father Ray
Day Care Center

฿ 5,000
  • 80 toddlers

The favourite treat of our children?



meals served a day, every day
of rice used every year
of cooking oil used every year

Average cost of feeding one child or student for a day

50 Thai Baht
per day

Please read below about each project and consider sponsoring a meal today. For more information you can contact us at the Father Ray Foundation Welcome Center at 038-428-717 or 091-717-9089.
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