The final ceremony

As another school term comes to an end we said farewell to forty two students from the Technological College for People with Disabilities. The final ceremony that they attend is one of the most moving of the year.

Firstly they received a garland of jasmine buds and then the lights were turned off, candles were lit and a microphone was passed from one student, teacher and volunteers until everyone had said a few words.

For the students it is a moving and emotional time as they sit and realise just how much their lives have changed and it was the college who helped them change.

They thank the school, and their teachers and their friends and there are many tears. When complete and the lights are turned on, white string is tied onto the wrists of the students to wish them the best of luck for the future.

They arrived as nervous, shy and many were uneducated. Now they are leaving with confidence, self esteem and an education that will get them employment.

Good luck to them all

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